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How to Style and Stack with Your Dainty Diamond Rings

December 14, 2021

How to Style and Stack with Your Dainty Diamond Rings

Dainty rings act as the foundation of a ring stack. Their simple and classic look is able to accommodate various ring designs, from pairing with dainty bands to engagement rings, it serves as the perfect complement to pull off the look you desire. Be it to create a minimalistic look, a classy and chic style or to make a fashion statement, they certainly outdo other rings.

These exquisite bands are available in various shades of Gold (Yellow, White and Rose), with some composed of shimmering gemstones. The versatility and aesthetic appeal of these dainty rings makes them a great addition to one’s jewelry collection. Moreover, the gesture of adding on to your ring stack over time, makes it a special and meaningful gift to symbolise and commemorate a relationship or friendship over the years.

Top 3 Most Popular Dainty Bands Featured In Ring Stacks:  

  1. Wishbone/ V-shaped Ring

The wishbone ring with its v-shaped structure, is one of the most popular and common dainty rings found in a ring stack. Adored for its simple and stylish look, be it plain or decorated with a partial pave, this ring style is designed to impress.
Bella V RingAlexia V Ring
Shop the Bella V Ring & the Alexia Ring with Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold by Kylie Rings.
Stacking Engagement Rings with Wishbone Ring:
 [Left picture: Heligan Half Eternity band, Rosaleen whimsical moissanite ring and Bella V RingRight picture: Bella V Ring, Fleur whimsical moissanite ring, Sofia bezel dainty ring]


The Wishbone ring is an ideal fit for those in search of an extra layer of glamour in addition to your engagement ring. Paired with a round brilliant engagement ring, it attains an elegant and sophisticated composure.

Stacking with other Dainty Bands:
The versatility of the Wishbone ring design enables it to create an effortlessly chic and mesmerizing look in various styles. By simply switching directions and wearing it inverted, one obtains a completely new look. 
  1. Eternity Ring

The eternity ring, featuring a row of shimmering gemstones, is an iconic ring design found in engagement rings, wedding rings and dainty rings. It’s classic and beyond sophisticated look makes it a compelling beauty be it worn alone or in a stack.
Vivian Eternity Diamond RingCamille Eternity Diamond Ring
Shop the Vivian Eternity Ring and the Camille Ring with Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold by Kylie Rings.
Stacking Engagement Rings with Dainty Eternity Ring:
The dainty eternity ring visibly highlights the presence of the engagement ring stone by making its size and sparkle even more prominent. A subtle but significant addition that enhances the beauty of the engagement ring, which retains its position of being at the center of attention.
Stacking with other Dainty Bands:
From left to right: Chloe whimsical ring and Eloise eternity band, Lexi Ring, Mila, Vivian eternity band.
The dainty eternity band makes a primal addition and paves the way to accomplishing a simply stunning and gorgeous ring stack.
  1. Dainty Rings with Gemstones

Many opt for an extra sparkle by choosing to complete their thin gold bands with shimmering gemstones.
Yasmin Diamond RingAnna Marquise Diamond Ring
Shop the Yasmin and Anna Marquise Rings with Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold by Kylie Rings.
Stacking Engagement Rings with Dainty Rings with Gemstones:
The essence of charm and gracefulness, a splendid element that makes a ring stack truly breathtaking.
Stacking with other Dainty Bands:
[From left to right] Lilian, Kiara, Sofia and Layla cluster diamond ring, Aubrey whimsical ring, Luna, Zoey Ring.
A combination of dainty bands, creating pleasant and ravishing ring stacks that are far from ordinary.
Other Dainty Ring Styles
  1. Milgrain

Adored for its delicate and lovely details, milgrain dainty rings with sparkling lab-grown diamonds are another popular option.
Harper Diamond RingOlivia Diamond Ring
Shop the Harper and Olivia Rings by Kylie Rings with diamonds and 14k Yellow Gold.
  1. Whimsical

Fancy and unique, the distinct whimsical style dainty rings are a distinguishing feature in a ring stack.
Rosie Diamond RingIvy Ring
Shop the Rosie and Ivy Rings by Kylie Rings, with diamonds and 14k Rose and Yellow Gold.
Styling Tips:
  1. Find Your Style

  • How to wear them?
[From top to bottom: Layla Cluster Diamond Ring, Chloe whimsical ring, Ivy Vine Dainty Ring]
When it comes to styling rings, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and the look you’re going for. Be adventurous and explore the various ways you would like to wear the rings, be it to create a ring stack or to wear them on different fingers. Start with something simple and gradually work your way towards a more elaborate style. These classy dainty rings that never go out of style, are the foundation of a stunning ring stack.
  • What combination are you going for?
[From top to bottom: Rosaleen whimsical moissanite ring and Lydia Criss Cross Ring, Laura Diamond Ring.]
The rings you will be pairing these dainty bands with will render different ways and styles to wear them. If you are looking to add an extra layer of sparkle to your engagement ring, while avoiding taking the spotlight away from it, the ring stack you create may not be as elaborate as one that is made with purely dainty bands. Adjust accordingly by adding or reducing the number of rings worn to achieve the look you desire.
  • Mix and Match

[From top to bottom: Isla Whimsical Ring, Rosie Dainty Ring, Olive Diamond Solitaire Ring]
Don’t hesitate to mix metals or opt for rings with varying stone cuts and sizes. Layering your ring stack with contrasting metal colours essentially makes a ring stack more visually striking. Stacking rings composed of alternating stone cuts and shapes not only gives the stack an extra sparkle, but also a differentiating quality. 
  1. Go For Quality Materials and Workmanship:

Build a gorgeous and long-lasting ring stack by choosing to invest in rings made of quality materials. In terms of the type of metals, 14 and 18k Gold bands are ideal choices that assure durability and luxury. As for gemstones, natural and lab-grown diamonds are two of the most desired choices. The use of the natural diamond in jewelry has undoubtedly been adored and valued for decades, given its outstanding physical qualities of brilliance and durability. At the same time, lab-grown diamonds are increasingly favoured by many today, as seen from it’s rising popularity and demand in the jewelry market. Made 100% the same as the natural diamond in terms of chemical composition, this conflict-free diamond alternative holds an identical appearance to the natural diamond at a more affordable price.  
At Kylie Rings, we aim to exceed your expectations with our dainty rings. Each piece is crafted from quality materials, adhering to the highest standards to achieve the fine jewelry you deserve. Our kylie rings, composed of conflict-free and sustainable diamonds, complete with 14k White, Yellow and Rose Gold, are made to last and impress.
Purchasing Dainty Rings:
[From left to ring: Eloise eternity band, Olive Diamond Solitaire Ring, Hanna Baguette Diamond Cluster Ring.]
Searching for dainty rings as a gift or to add to your jewellery collection? Look no further. Discover your style and showcase your personality with Kylie Rings, where you will find a collection of spectacular dainty rings that are fitting for a myriad of occasions. We pay attention to detail, to curate an exquisite selection of diamonds dainty bands available in 14k Gold. Beholding an irresistible beauty, these delicate thin bands are made to be scrutinized for its simple but intrinsically captivating details.
We hope this article inspired you to create your own ring stack, and to discover a little more about your preferred ring styles. Before you go, check out our exquisite dainty rings collection here.

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