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Crafting Stories, Inspiring Elegance: About LeCaine Jewelry

LeCaine Gems is a jeweller that crafts fine jewellery from Singapore and Hong Kong. We custom make elegant, bespoke styles personalised for any occasions. Combining conflict-free lab grown diamond alternatives such as Moissanite and ethically sourced gemstones, we create stunning, luxurious jewellery that is affordable and reasonably priced. Each piece of handcraft jewellery is intricately made to perfection by our experienced craftsmen. We constantly challenge ourselves by putting excellent workmanship as a top priority in all our designs. Whether they are classic or statement jewellery, we ensure they surpass your expectations.

As a new generation of Jewellers that inherited decades of craftsmanship and procurement experience in the watch and jewellery industry, our team is knowledgeable in gems, gold and design. Each gemstone is carefully assessed and handpicked by our GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologists to ensure that they are of the best characteristics and brilliance. We connect with our clients through our finesse in handling gold and gem types, offering a collection of beautiful jewellery crafted specially for individual style and fine artistry.

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LeCaine Gems prides itself as a market leader in Moissanite jewellery in Singapore, through the use of the latest technology to create these sparkling diamond alternatives. Our expertise is in creating and setting Moissanite jewellery, a sophisticated alternative to diamonds. Moissanite engagement rings are fast gaining popularity with our savvy clients. Created Moissanite caters to a growing demand for conflict-free diamond, it is also a more affordable form of luxury jewellery, as evident in USA, UK and Australia where brands such as Charles and Colvard, Forever One Moissanite and MoissaniteCo brought about awareness on this eco-friendly sustainable jewellery.
At the same time, sustainability has an important place in our hearts. We want to be the generation that made a difference with our ethical jewellery and by creating awareness of what we consume, how we can reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. With a strong focus on eco friendly, every piece of the LeCaine Gems collection is made.
We are a group of people who are firm believers in ethical business practice and fair pricing. Our clients can be assured that all the jewellery purchased at our store are 100% authentic, certified and conflict free. As an online store, we are able to reduce much of the high retail operating costs to create beautiful, luxurious jewellery pieces with free design consultation at tremendous savings and product assurances. Our goldsmiths and craftsmen are versatile in their knowledge and skills when creating custom sophisticated luxurious designs.

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Whether one is planning to be engaged, celebrating an important milestone or simply seeking gifts, LeCaine Gems is there for every meaningful journey as a statement fine jewellery label that rethinks tradition with contemporary designs and thoughtful ethos.
We strongly believe that trust is the ultimate assurance for our customers, it is our duty to ensure that you are happy with your chosen designs and come back to shop with us again!
Sincerely Yours,
Michael & Ashley LeCaine