Fine Moissanite


  • I love how my Moissanite ring sparkles so brightly! No regrets choosing the Moissanite over diamond. LeCaine Gems offer high quality stones and gold at an amazing price.

    Laura T.

  • My friend bought a Moissanite ring from LeCaine Gems and for the longest time i had thought it was a diamond of D-F color and VVS clarity. The ring looked like a million dollars, it was gorgeous and dazzling! Naturally, all of us were none the wiser. She introduced me to her private jeweler LeCaine Gems and i have not looked anywhere since. I cannot praise them enough for their thoughtfulness and honesty. Now i'm their biggest fan :) 

    Kelly H.

  • Michael & Ashley were patient and professional with crafting my Moissanite engagement ring. My fiancee is very happy with her ring, she likes that the stone shines just as bright as the diamond and costs way lesser. Thank you for making our proposal even more memorable.

    Jeremy L.

  • Love their workmanship and quality. Moissanite is gaining popularity worldwide but excellent cut and premium quality are pricey. I'm pleased that not only offers their finest jewelry at reasonable prices, they are honest in their delivery too. The items are exactly as seen and described!

    Julia W.

  • LeCaine Gems is my favorite jeweller. They always listen and perfect my requests without fail. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

    Natalia H.