• I love how my Moissanite ring sparkles so brightly! No regrets choosing the Moissanite over diamond. LeCaine Gems offer high quality stones and gold at an amazing price.

    Laura T.

  • My friend bought a Moissanite ring from LeCaine Gems and for the longest time i had thought it was a diamond of D-F color and VVS clarity. The ring looked like a million dollars, it was gorgeous and dazzling! Naturally, all of us were none the wiser. She introduced me to her private jeweler LeCaine Gems and i have not looked anywhere since. I cannot praise them enough for their thoughtfulness and honesty. Now i'm their biggest fan :) 

    Kelly H.

  • Michael & Ashley were patient and professional with crafting my Moissanite engagement ring. My fiancee is very happy with her ring, she likes that the stone shines just as bright as the diamond and costs way lesser. Thank you for making our proposal even more memorable.

    Jeremy L.

  • Love their workmanship and quality. Moissanite is gaining popularity worldwide but excellent cut and premium quality are pricey. I'm pleased that Lecaine.com not only offers their finest jewelry at reasonable prices, they are honest in their delivery too. The items are exactly as seen and described!

    Julia W.

  • LeCaine Gems is my favorite jeweller. They always listen and perfect my requests without fail. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

    Natalia H.


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Vogue Magazine UK
Bespoke Jewellery Expert, LeCaine Gems shares the Right Way to Choose an Engagement Ring
[MEDIA] Bespoke Jewellery Expert, LeCaine Gems shares the Right Way to Choose an Engagement Ring

Bespoke Jewellery Expert, LeCaine Gems shares the Right Way to Choose an Engagement Ring. Yes I will! Decide on a Budget. Choose a Ring Style. Choose a Precious Metal. Choose a Gemstone. Understand the Four Cs. Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat. Get a Conflict Free Stone. Select a Stone Shape. Determining Her Ring Size.
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[MEDIA] Rocking it with Bespoke Luxury Jeweller LeCaine Gems

Whether one had reached a milestone in life, made the first pot of gold, found a significant other to tie the knot with, or sourcing an overdue gift for a loved one, look no further than a Moissanite stone to lock in significant moments.

What is Moissanite and is there any difference between the Diamond or Cubic Zirconia?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide with a chemical compound SiC and a rare mineral discovered by French chemist Henri Moissan. Cubic Zircona, otherwise also known as Zirconium Dioxide ZrO2 contains zirconium and oxygen. Since Diamond is pure carbon, the Moissanite comes closer to Diamond than Cubic Zirconia. Moissanite is also doubly refractive due to the structure of the stone which increases light dispersion and hence channels brilliance and fire. Note Moissanite stones are not completely white and transparent due to the natural structure but its hues bear close resemblance to the Diamond.

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[Media] Tatler UK Magazine The Meghan Issue

Media Highlight on Tatler Magazine UK Edition and 310th Anniversary December 2019 Issue - Moissanite Jewellery by LeCaine Gems 


LeCaine Gems is an online jeweller that customises luxurious jewellery pieces using premium in-house developed Moissanite and 18K Gold. Every piece of jewellery is intricately crafted by a team of experienced craftsmen to ensure quality is a top priority. Combining conflict-free diamond alternatives and beautiful workmanship, they create stunning bespoke jewellery that is unique and affordable. Visit www.lecaine.com or [email protected] to custom design your dream jewellery!