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Moissanite vs Diamond. How does a Moissanite compare with Diamond?

About moissanite

Welcome to LeCaine Gems. If you have heard of Moissanite before visiting this page, you would probably have some knowledge about this very special gem that possesses all the qualities of a diamond. If you are shopping for an engagement ring or a diamond alternative jewellery but haven’t exactly heard of this beautiful diamond-like stone, read on here to find out more.

Did you know that Moissanite has more brilliance, fire and sparkle than any other precious stones including the diamond? In fact, the difference between a diamond and Moissanite is not obvious, it requires a professionally trained gemologist to be able to tell the two apart. In other words, a Moissanite closely resembles a diamond that to the naked untrained eyes, it appears almost identical if not more brilliant. 

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So what is a Moissanite?

It is a naturally occurring silicon carbide discovered from a meteor site in 1893. Nobel Prize Winner and French chemist Henri Moissan had initially mistaken the crystals as diamonds but later correctly identified it as a new type of mineral – silicon carbide. Due to its hardness, highly refractive optical properties and ability to withstand high pressures, the silicon carbide has properties similar to diamonds, making Moissanite a perfect option to diamonds. Presently, all the Moissanite in the world are lab-created since natural Moissanite is rare.

Moissanite exudes strong brilliance and fire that exceeds that of a diamond’s luminosity scoring a Color Grade of D, E to F on the diamond color grading scale. Grades D, E, F Moissanite are colorless and almost white, with D being the whitest. These grades are premium choices especially with hearts and arrows brilliant cuts. Young couples planning for engagement and wedding can consider a Grade D or E as they show more brilliance than a diamond.

How to choose a Moissanite?

Moissanite gems

Unique serial numbers are inscribed into the Moissanite and we offer a Certificate of Authenticity. These beautiful gems will pass a diamond test due to its thermal conductivity. If you come across Moissanite that don’t pass the test are often fake gems or high carbon diamond simulants known in another name as Zirconia.

The 4 Cs

Now that we know the Moissanite is the closest thing to a diamond and passes all diamond tests and color grades with flying colors, its time to remember the 4Cs when choosing your engagement stone just like how you would when buying a diamond. The 4Cs represent Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat


LeCaine Gems Moissanite

At LeCaine Gems, we handle our jewellery with Moissanite exclusively with Grades D and E to give the extraordinarily white and colorless options to our customers. Our prices are kept competitive and affordable despite the premium selections we carry. Customers who purchased their Moissanite jewelry with us have over the years recommended friends, families or continued adding on to their collections.


LeCaine Gems Moissanite

Moissanite or Diamond?

So why buy a Moissanite instead of Diamond?

Overall, you get a more valuable deal with Moissanite than a Diamond clearly for reasons like financial savings. Not just tiny savings but a huge part of your wedding budget or vacation spending can be saved just by choosing to go with a Moissanite Ring.

The average market rate of $400 vs $4000 a carat makes it an easy choice and on top of that, you can't exactly tell the difference between the two gemstones even with a diamond tester. Under a scope, a Moissanite shows up Hearts and Arrows like a perfect Diamond.

In fact, you can go for a bigger stone without much damage to your wallet! In the past, Diamonds were the main options for engagement rings however in the last decade, more savvy couples have gone the path of purchasing Moissanite Rings for their special once in a lifetime milestone. Wise decisions.



Conflict Free, Environmentally Friendly

Today, people are more environmentally and politically conscious of their carbon footprint. Most of us are aware of the devastating effect of buying a natural diamond – the implications of mining and putting individuals in danger in return for a gemstone that is overly priced. The movie Blood Diamond kind of says it all. Getting a Moissanite is also a daily reminder of our social responsibility and the good we have done by ethically choosing a conflict free lab grown gem.

Costs a Fraction of Diamond

Yes, it is true. All our customers love the fact that they get to own a beautiful Moissanite comparable to a diamond at a smaller cost. Some of our customers are young couples planning to embark on the next phase in their relationship. They are strong believers of smart spending and saving the environment, it means a lot to them to be saving for their future. Making wise financial decisions today pay off in a huge way tomorrow, considering it costs more to raise kids and travel the world now.

Some of our customers are ladies who enjoy collecting beautiful jewellery and have discovered the beauty of Moissanite for their rings, earrings and jewellery pieces that complement them for any special occasions. 

Made to Order Rings

Please contact us directly should you have any questions about our Moissanite. We look forward to creating your everlasting engagement ring!