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Pantone Colour of The Year

March 07, 2021

Pantone Colour of The Year

Pantone Colour of The Year: Ultimate Grey & Illuminating

For this year, Pantone has declared the colour of the year to be Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a bright yellow shade). Pantone is an American company providing a universal language of colours that are used in multiple industries to communicate colour names.

They forecast colour trend every year which influence various industries which most of them rely on to. According to Pantone, the two colours compliment and support each other with their contrast. Both colours reflect strength and positivity, a nice morale boost and we need during this uncertain time.

Pantone Colour of The Year 2021, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating

Pantone Colour of The Year 2021, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating


Following this trend, we showcase some of our more prominent jewellery collection having Ultimate Grey and Illuminating as part our recommended fashion.

Introducing our grey and yellow-hued Moissanite in different shapes and settings, we present interesting bespoke pieces especially for those who are fans of coloured gemstones.

These Moissanite jewelry are not only tastefully crafted to one’s individual style, they also add lavishness to a bountiful jewellery collection.

Sapphires or Moissanite?

Often mistaken as a dark coloured Sapphire, our Grey Blue Moissanite are highly sought after by our regular clients, fans of precious stones and patrons looking for a whimsical, one of a kind, non diamond gemstone. Here is a bezel pendant, a 0.5 carat round brilliant dark Grey Moissanite piece set in 18K Rose Gold with a tiny heart shaped adjuster at the end of the chain. It is subtle yet striking with such gorgeous contrast in colors on a minimalistic look, perfect for daily wear. On a side note, LeCaine Gems is the largest Grey Blue moissanite maker in South East Asia. Yes, that’s right. We manufacture and cut our own Gray Moissanite to match the demands of our overseas (and local) orders especially in the United States where there is a strong following for the grey moissanite.

To pair up with this delicate pendant, the Grey Cushion cut Moissanite bezel ring complements an overall dark colored look. You can pull a matching look even when the ring is in 18K Yellow Gold. The champagne yellow gold band accentuates the Grey Moissanite, much like the beautiful contrast of the Pantone colors of 2021. It is a stylish combination you will want to have.­

If you are looking for more dramatic design with a touch of modern vintage, our Guinevere ring can be that focal point. Beautifully made in 18K Rose Gold, this ring has a snowflake halo made with fine moissanite pieces surrounding a 2-carat dark Grey-Blue Moissanite. A stunning work of art and a definitely a conversation piece.

Hello, Yellow!

Just like the world of yellow diamonds, we make and cut our own Yellow Moissanite. All yellow Moissanite come in different hues from Fancy, Light, Vivid to Intense Yellow.

For those who are looking for a different from usual style or prefer a warm colour tone in their precious jewellery, these vibrant coloured pendant and ring will be the ultimate choice for you. Both Asscher cuts when placed in different 18K Gold will influence the final look of jewellery. A different tint of Yellow also bring about a different perception of luxury and class.

The contrast between cool and warm colour tones unveils the beautiful relations with each other, giving a new vibe and works well with this line of jewellery. Just like night and day, the sun and moon, these Pantone colors remind us that in life there are always grey situations but light will ultimately prevail.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. As the coronavirus pandemic is still on-going worldwide affecting all our lifestyle and travelling, we wish for everyone’s situation to be better. At the same time, remind ourselves to be positive and bright.

Treasure your jewellery or create a meaningful piece today with us to commemorate your strength and tenacity during this trying period. It will certainly be a special heirloom jewelry for generations to come.

Michael LeCaine

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