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July 08, 2021

You Said Yes! Your Guide To Announcing And Celebrating Your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! Announcing and celebrating this piece of exciting news with your family and friends will definitely be memorable and significant. Traditionally, a physical setting may be the preferred form of announcement, but given the current context of a pandemic, a virtual celebration may have to take place instead. In this article, we’ve proposed a few ideas on how to celebrate this special moment with your loved ones, regardless of whether it's held physically or through an online setting.

Firstly, consider who will be the first recipients of this splendid news. Ideally, such a personal and special moment deserves to be shared with your family and friends, before they are made known on the internet or social media. It is definitely difficult to contain your excitement given that your engagement is a life-changing event. Instead of instantly calling or texting your family and friends, it would be worth it to set up a physical meeting to share this news with them in a face to face setting, to witness their beaming smiles and elated reaction, and to exchange warm embraces. 

How To Tell Others You’re Engaged:

1. Organise A Brunch Or Dinner With Your Family And Friends:

While your partner may have previously sought your parents permission to ask for your hand in marriage, it would still be a nice gesture for them to be the first recipients of this wonderful news. A brunch or dinner would be a good way to reveal this news to them, by spending a leisurely late morning or evening with them, sharing the news while enjoying some food and maybe even champagne together. 

Similarly, this approach can be replicated for your close friends. You can hold the brunch or dinner celebration at home, outdoors or in a restaurant. Hosting it at home would also mean you have control over the setting and music, creating your desired atmosphere and ambience. 

You can surprise your friends by revealing the good news in a discreet manner, by subtly flashing your engagement ring in their line of sight during brunch. You can do so by reaching across the table for a dish or by raising a toast to get their attention on the sparkly engagement ring or band resting on your finger. 

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You can prepare pictures or videos taken during the proposal to share with them, such that they are the first ones to see them before they are posted on social media. Likewise, to capture this moment in time, you can set up a camera to record their reactions and play it back together to see their surprised and joyful expressions. This sweet moment captured on film can also be included in the slideshow during your wedding ceremony.

2. Virtual Announcement: 

Arrange a video call with your family and friends to announce your engagement, if a physical meeting is not possible. Video calls allow you to see their faces and reactions in real time, instead of texting or a normal phone call. There are various platforms that allow you to host video calls with multiple participants. You will also have access to other features such as screen recording to capture their reactions on video, and also the screen sharing function to show them the proposal photos. 

3. Posting on Social Media

Once your family and close friends have received the news, and you’re intending to share your engagement on social media, here are a few ideas for your post. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Engaged!

(i) Showing your engagement ring:

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(ii) Holding your partner’s hand: 

[Photo From: Farris and Joanna, Taken By: Thomas Tan @tinkytee]

(iii) Post a photo taken together, perhaps during the proposal: 

[Photo From: Farris and Joanna, Taken By: Thomas Tan @tinkytee]

How To Celebrate Your Engagement: 

4. A Romantic Picnic, Glamping Or Staycation With Your Partner

Now that you’ve shared the news of your engagement, take some time to enjoy and cherish this moment before the wedding takes place. You can set up an exclusive romantic getaway or a simple picnic exclusively for you and your partner. Take this time together to revisit the milestones and special moments of your relationship. Celebrate the journey you’ve embarked on together, and talk about the dreams you both share for the future. 

5. Host a party

If it's possible, you can host an engagement party to gather all your beloved friends and family. This way, you can decide on the theme, plan a variety of activities or make it a game night. A photobooth would make the event extra special, by setting up a designated area for the guests to take fun photos and to always remember this day. At the same time, these photos that are taken can be added to the collection of pictures to showcase during your wedding ceremony.

As for the food that will be served, it’s entirely up to your preference. Some possibilities include: a barbeque, a catered buffet or a potluck style celebration. The main idea is to celebrate your engagement with your friends and family, to include them in your special milestone and let them know how much you want them to be a part of this moment. During the engagement party, it is likely that your engagement ring will be a topic of discussion, gushed over by the guests who are curious to find out more about it.

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For those of you who may be recently engaged, we wish you a blissful engagement and may you share endless joys with your partner and inspire each other everyday. 

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