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Leanne Coloured Moissanite Tennis Bracelet

$ 2,788.00 SGD

  • Leanne is a modern moissanite tennis bracelet. This exquisite piece features a gradient green moissanite that flows seamlessly within the same colour palette. Stylish and chic, it is the perfect piece of fine jewelry to stand out among your peers. 

    Why A Moissanite Tennis Bracelet?

    Naturally occurring moissanite is a rare substance. In recent years, the art and science of growing moissanite have produced gems identical to their natural counterparts. With efficient production methods and a shorter supply chain, lab-grown moissanite is an undeniably ethical, sustainable, and affordable choice. Moreover, moissanite has a brilliance and fire superior to diamonds, making it perfect for tennis bracelets. Combined with craftsmanship honed through generations, LeCaine provides you with the perfect moissanite tennis bracelet whose beauty, brilliance, and shine rival its more expensive counterparts.