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Zora Round-Cut Multicolored Moissanite Wedding Ring Set

  • Zora is a distinct and outstanding moissanite wedding ring set. The dark gray round brilliant moissanite makes this pair of wedding rings truly unique and one of a kind. For him, a streak of alternating dark gray and colorless moissanite finds its way onto a classic 18K yellow gold band. For her, an eternity ring composed of a dark gray moissanite centerpiece and shimmering colorless moissanite. This exquisite moissanite wedding ring set is a dazzling pair exuding an intense and spectacular sparkle.

    This wedding set is also available in your choice of 18K gold color. Please leave a note at the checkout box or contact us for customisation

    We use authentic and superior-quality moissanite cut from the best clarity and color with VVS1 and D-E colorless stones. Every moissanite from LeCaine gems is guaranteed with a certificate, and tests positive on the diamond tester.

    **For Ring size options that are not available here, please leave a note at checkout.

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    Why Choose a Moissanite Wedding Ring Set?

    Moissanite is an exceptional gemstone that rivals diamonds in fire and brilliance. Moissanite is tough and can last for generations, making it the perfect choice for wedding ring sets. Moissanite production also requires fewer resources than mining for other gemstones, making it a sustainable option. With our laboratories manufacturing moissanite under strict quality and labor standards, you can be assured that LeCaine’s moissanite is an ethical choice. Moissanite is also more affordable than diamonds, making it possible to select exceptional pieces. If you share the same ethical, sustainable, and practical values as your loved one, consider choosing a moissanite wedding ring set to mark your special day!