Whether one had reached a milestone in life, made the first pot of gold, found a significant other to tie the knot with, or sourcing an overdue gift for a loved one, look no further than a Moissanite stone to lock in significant moments.

What is Moissanite and is there any difference between the Diamond or Cubic Zirconia?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide with a chemical compound SiC and a rare mineral discovered by French chemist Henri Moissan. Cubic Zircona, otherwise also known as Zirconium Dioxide ZrO2 contains zirconium and oxygen. Since Diamond is pure carbon, the Moissanite comes closer to Diamond than Cubic Zirconia. Moissanite is also doubly refractive due to the structure of the stone which increases light dispersion and hence channels brilliance and fire. Note Moissanite stones are not completely white and transparent due to the natural structure but its hues bear close resemblance to the Diamond.

According to Cape Town Diamond Museum, a German mineralogist, Fredrich Mohs invented a scale of relative mineral hardness that has become known as the Mohs scale. Until this day, this scale has been a valuable tool in identifying minerals since 1812. The Diamond is rated as 10 on Mohs scale.  This means that it is the hardest mineral known to man. Only a mineral that is the same hardness grade can scratch the mineral. Moissanite is rated as 9.2 on the Mohs scale compared to Cubic Zirconia with a scale of 8 to 8.5. In spite of its brilliance, cut and hardness, Moissanite prices are a tenth of Diamond of the same carat weight. In fact, Moissanite stones had maintained their value and make a better investment.

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Don’t wait for the perfect moment to put a ring on it.

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