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Stylish & Chic Ways To Wear Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Rings |With LeCaine Gems

July 23, 2021

Stylish & Chic Ways To Wear Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Rings |With LeCaine Gems

Looking for ways to wear your wedding ring with your engagement ring? This article shares three ways in which you can style the two immensely meaningful rings together, to create a beautiful and splendid look. The engagement ring is presented during the proposal and worn after one has said “Yes!” to the question of “Will you marry me?”. On the other hand, wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony to commemorate the official union between you and your significant other through marriage. With both rings bearing great significance, it is no wonder why one may face a dilemma of choosing between the two. Fret not, for this article shares with you a few ways you can wear them together.  

1. Wedding Bands With An Interchangeable Center. 

Featuring the Darius and Amanda rings, a pair of gorgeous rings crafted with a beautiful vision, bearing a deeply meaningful message. 

This set of rings feature a pair of matching wedding rings and a stunning engagement ring. For him, a classic 18k Gold band with a polished finish, simple and charming. For her, a split-shank wedding band with an open center, the space between the two bands are measured to perfection, welcoming the engagement ring to take its place. The contrasting shades of Yellow, White, and Rose Gold blend in harmony to create a truly impressive design. 

Named after the couple who inspired this piece, Darius and Amanda, their message inspires hope and faith in everlasting love and marriage.

Their Vision: As a gesture and reminder of their blessed union, they intend to replace the center ring every 5 years whilst renewing their marriage vows. They believe in constancy and view the renewal of wedding vows as a meaningful way to honour and celebrate one’s marriage.

Crafted from such a beautiful vision and encapsulating such a potent meaning, this pair of rings certainly beam brighter with a brilliance ignited from love. 

2. Stacking Wedding Rings and Engagement Ring

The most common way of wearing the two rings together is the stacking of the wedding ring and the engagement ring, on the same finger. 

Dainty wedding bands are a favourable option for ring stacking, therefore it is important to choose the right wedding ring to match your engagement ring. Not only does this stacking formation create a stylish and chic look, it is suitable and practical for daily wear, serving as the perfect complement for your outfit.

3. Wearing the rings on different fingers

Another common way to accessorize would be to wear them on different fingers. 

Wedding and engagement rings are often worn on the 4th finger on the left hand, where the Vena Amoris, a term referred to as the “vein of love”, leads directly to the heart. Typically, when one styles the two rings separately by wearing them on different fingers, one ring would be worn on the 4th finger. As for the other ring, it is completely up to one’s personal preference. 

LeCaine Gems' Matching Wedding Rings and Engagement Ring Styles: 

Given the wide variety of options available, it is important to envision the various styles and stacking methods when deciding which pair of wedding rings is the right one for you. Depending on your engagement ring and your preference, you can pair the two rings according to themes, such as: Classic, Whimsical and Multi-gemstone.

1. Classic and Minimalist Style:

(a) Moissanite Classic Solitaire 6-prong 18k White Gold


For those in search of a classic and minimalist design, you’ll absolutely adore this pairing of the Classic Solitaire engagement ring and Heligan wedding band. A classic solitaire round brilliant moissanite ring meets a shimmering partial pave wedding band. Complete with 18k White Gold, this pairing is simply classy and stunning.

(b) Maisyn Engagement Ring & Jane Wedding Ring

Lovers of the halo setting will fall in love with this pairing, featuring the Maisyn ring and the Jane wedding band. A pear cut moissanite halo ring meets a classic wedding ring lined with individual gemstones and a polished finish. Complete with 18k Yellow gold, the beauty of this duo is simply irresistible.

2. Whimsical Style:

(a) Whimsical Engagement Ring with Yumiko Wedding Ring

Each unique love story deserves a pair of rings that is one of a kind. A round brilliant moissanite suspended by an overlapping band with a gemstone at the tip, is accompanied by the Yumiko, an elegant ring embellished with 3 round brilliant moissanite gemstones. A modern and stylish design complete with 18k Yellow Gold.

(b) Bespoke Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

A lovely duo featuring a bespoke engagement ring and a multi-gemstone wedding band. A round brilliant moissanite ring with intricate details of marquise side stones and a partial pave is worn with a wedding band composed of round brilliant and pear moissanites. 

3. Multi-gemstone Style:

(a) Grey Engagement Ring and Willow Wedding Ring

For those who love an extra sparkle, this pair of rings is an ideal choice. Featuring a grey oval moissanite ring with side stones, and the Willow, an eternity band composed of round brilliant gemstones. An aesthetically pleasing piece complete with 18k White Gold and a polished finish. 

(b) Amber Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

A dazzling duo featuring the classic milgrain wedding band with the Amber, an asscher moissanite ring composed of trapezoid and baguette side stones. Complete with a polished finish in 18k White Gold, this pair of gorgeous rings belong together.

Gifting Wedding Rings:

Bearing great significance as a symbolism of the commitment to your promise of eternal love and devotion to your significant other, wedding bands are ideal as gifts to celebrate special milestones and occasions to be cherished for a lifetime. Be it to celebrate your wedding anniversaries or for the renewal of your wedding vows, a set of matching wedding bands certainly makes a practical and deeply personal gift.

Bespoke and Custom Made Rings


To make it even more unique to your story, you can choose to embark on a bespoke jewellery experience to custom-design your very own pair of wedding bands. At LeCaine Gems, we offer our customers an excellent bespoke jewellery experience, creating their desired jewellery based on their ideal jewelry requirements. We aim to impress and surpass your expectations with our quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. From the type of metal (18k White, Yellow, Rose Gold and Platinum), to the various stone cuts and colours (Moissanite, Lab-grown Diamond and Gems), customers will have a plethora of options to choose from when creating their dream jewellery piece with us. Our ring engraving service also grants customers the opportunity to engrave words of their choice onto their jewellery, giving it a personal touch.

We see great value in the stories that are crafted during the making of our customers’ bespoke jewelry, and we are pleased to have been able to create brilliant and beautiful pieces for our customers. Allow us to be a part of your journey in achieving your ideal jewellery, contact us today. 

Before you go, explore LeCaine Gem’s exquisite Wedding Bands and Moissanite Engagement Ring collection. 

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