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Lab Grown Diamond Charlize Trilogy Ring

  • Charlize is a classy trilogy ring comprising of a round Lab Grown Diamond as the main gem, accompanied by a teardrop or pear Lab Grown Diamond on each side.  This 3-Stone ring symbolises the past, present and future. The videos feature a 1.3 carat round Lab Grown Diamond and 0.18 carat teardrop Lab Grown Diamond on each side beautifully handcrafted on 18K Yellow Gold.  

    We use authentic and superior quality Lab Grown Diamond cut from the best clarity and color with VS-VVS1 and D-E-F colorless diamonds. Every Lab Grown Diamond from LeCaine Gems is guaranteed with an IGI certificate and shows positive on the diamond tester.

    Why Choose a LeCaine Lab Grown Diamond?

    You get to receive the ready diamond with setting in 2.5 weeks removing long waiting time. Our diamonds are sold unreserved and with in-stock availability. Each diamond is carefully polished and cut to precision, making its sparkle unparalleled. In fact, our curated diamonds are instantly available for viewing in store where you can see the actual diamond without worrying if the polished end product will turn out differently. As our lab grown diamonds move fast once they are sold, you may not get the same piece but we are able to cut and polish another diamond of the same specs upon order request.

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