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Delilah Blue Moissanite & Lab Grown Diamonds Si Dian Jin in 18K Gold

$ 8,688.00 SGD $ 9,102.00 SGD

  • The sophisticated Delilah Si Dian Jin set breaks away from the old gaudy jewellery sets of yesteryear.  The use of blue grey Moissanite gives it a regal and aristocratic feel and yet is not viewed as too over the top.  The removable earring jackets allows for flexibility between formal and casual wear.  Accompanied by lab grown diamonds around the stunning Moissanite, the Delilah blue Moissanite Si Dian Jin set is for the modern and elegant bride.  The Delilah is set in 18K gold for the everlasting look. 

  • The individual items can be found here, pendant, earrings, bracelet & ring