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Delilah Lab Grown Pink Sapphire and Lab Grown Diamonds Si Dian Jin in 18K Gold

$ 9,188.00 SGD $ 9,602.00 SGD

  • This beautiful Si Dian Jin set incorporates dainty lab grown pink sapphires and glittering lab grown diamonds for that added shimmer.  The Delilah pink sapphire set is both modern and versatile.  The removable earring jackets allow it to be used for a casual get-together with only the studs, and yet is suitable for a night of glitz when worn with the elegant jackets.  The matching fixed pendant with a 1.32 carat lab grown pink sapphire is serenaded by sparkling round and marquise lab grown diamonds.  The magnificent and eye-catching round 1.36 carat lab grown pink sapphire ring enhances this chic factor.  The classy bracelet adds a further touch of elegance from the brilliance of the lab grown diamonds.  The Delilah pink sapphire collection is set in solid 18K gold for the enduring look. 

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