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Leilani Si Dian Jin in 18K Gold

$ 8,388.00 SGD $ 8,608.00 SGD

  • Classy and sophisticated, Leilani is a green Moissanite set that features our all-time popular Chloe ring that is designed exquisitely at LeCaine Gems. The dainty leaf decals on the ring matches the floral-inspired necklace with blue and green Moissanite. It is further complemented with an alluring gradient tennis bracelet that flows seamlessly in the same colour palette. A pair of green Moissanite earrings with surrounding mesmerising twirls completes this set in solid 18K White Gold.

    Leilani embodies a mother’s blessings to her new daughter-in-law, wishing her health, fertility, prosperity, wealth and harmony which are symbolism of the colour green.