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The Promise Of Love | An Interracial Couple Shares Their Love Story.

August 09, 2021

Bespoke Promise Rings
“Love is love. If you fall in love with a person, nothing else really matters but the genuine love for each other.” 
- Jacqy & Dave

Following a recent incident reminding us of the stigma and discrimination interracial couples encounter, we invited Mr Dave Parkash and Ms Jacqueline Ho to share their relationship story and the struggles they have faced as a mix-raced couple. Under a circumstance that made them targets of racist remarks, they maintained an unfaltering composure while confronting the situation. 

This is the story of their love and relationship as an interracial couple.

The Promise Of Love | An Interracial Couple Shares Their

The Love Story Of Mr Parkash & Ms Ho :

Right Person, Right Time- How They Met: 

“We met at a cafe. We were seated at the table beside each other. Dave started chatting with me and we basically just hit it off and have not stopped talking since.” 

A Long-time Companion- The Years They Have Spent With Each Other: 

7 years 

Their Perspective Of Love And Relationship As An Interracial Couple:  

Anticipating & Overcoming Challenges:

On having conversations regarding the possible challenges they may face as an interracial couple and the ways to overcome them, the couple shared: 

“We probably did [have conversations discussing the possible challenges we may face as an interracial couple] at the start of our relationship but it was more of a passing comment on the older generation being uncomfortable but we never really had any difficulties within our friends and families. Everyone in our circle was supportive of us. Race was never talked about except to identify someone (we all have that difficulty in describing the looks of a person don't we) so honestly speaking, we mostly only discuss challenges that any other couple would face and discuss about.”

What are some of the personal challenges they have encountered as an interracial couple?

“I think as we are both mixed race, our parents had it the hardest in the past but made it easier for us in the present. I think any mixed race person would agree with this sentiment. The only issue we face as an interracial couple is just the occasional side glances/double takes but those are things that we are blind to now. Honestly speaking, we don't even know how many of those glances are negative and how many are just curious innocent people who mean no harm. Even I myself steal glances at interracial couples because I find them so cute together!”

Is there anything they would like to share with other interracial couples?

 “Love is love. If you fall in love with a person, nothing else really matters but the genuine love for each other.”

Mr Parkash and Ms Ho’s story reveal the strength and resilience of love in overcoming struggles stemming from racial bias. Being an interracial couple themselves, our LeCaine Gems Founders Michael and Ashley reached out to the couple to show them our support, and also collaborated with the couple to design their promise rings to commemorate their commitment for each other.   

Commemorating Their Love & Relationship With A Pair Of Bespoke Promise Rings: 

Featuring a pair of bespoke promise rings in 18k Yellow and White Gold, custom-designed by Mr Parkash & Ms Ho:

The Promise Of Love | An Interracial Couple Shares Their

Promise rings symbolise the love and commitment between two lovers in a relationship. 

What This Pair Of Custom-made Promise Rings Mean To Them:

“This is the first pair of promise rings for us, and what more a bespoke piece! So definitely it means a lot to us as we already have plans to settle down in the coming years so the rings are a good milestone for us to hit at 7 years of our relationship. Our love is strong, we are not in a rush to tie the knot to seal the deal as deep down, we are already each other's forever more, till death do us part. The rings will play a special part in commemorating our 7th year & warming our ring fingers through the years before our wedding bands take over! It will hold a lot of meaning to us and go through new experiences with us.” 

The Promise Of Love | An Interracial Couple Shares Their

As a jewellery business who pride ourselves on our bridal jewelry, we are reminded of the role we play in supporting the union of couples in celebration of their key relationship chapters in their lives. At LeCaine Gems, we devote ourselves to celebrating the union of two lovers through our exquisite, fine jewelry. Crafted using quality materials and excellent workmanship, we create luxurious and lasting jewelry pieces that are made to last a lifetime. 

Our bespoke jewellery service provides customers the opportunity to embark on a unique and personalised journey to fulfil their jewelry desires. It has truly been our pleasure to have been able to play a role in celebrating Mr Parkash and Ms Ho’s relationship journey by creating a set of matching couple rings for them.

The Promise Of Love | An Interracial Couple Shares Their

Celebrate a milestone or special occasion with a jewelry piece that is unique to your story. Embark on a bespoke jewelry experience with us. 

Before you go, check out our Moissanite jewelry collections, a fine selection of conflict-free and sustainable jewelry pieces composed of 18k White, Yellow and Rose Gold and Platinum.


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