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A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment, The Right Person | With LeCaine Gems

July 08, 2021

A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment, The Right Person

Once upon a time, destiny and fate aligned to ignite an irreplaceable spark between two lovers, leading to this special moment, the proposal.

A surreal moment. The rapid palpitations radiating from your pounding heart. The sweet adrenaline rush surges through your veins as you get down on one knee preparing to utter the words that signify a promise of eternity… “Will you marry me?”. You’ve never felt more certain about anything than right here at this moment. Because you’ve found someone that makes the days less dreadful, someone that shares your daydreams, the one you want to spend the rest of your sunsets with.

Despite the distance-invoking pandemic, love is capable of eliminating the spaces between two lovers who share a love and passion so fervent and indestructible. We invited one of our beloved customers, Mr C, to share the details of his proposal story that took place amidst the pandemic. We hope you find immense joy in reading this truly unique and personal proposal story.

The Love Story Of Mr C & Ms Y:

Right Person, Right Time- How They Met: 

We met at work. I found her attractive and started helping her out with work related stuff. Maybe it’s because of the common topics at work, we seem to get along well and our work topics slowly veered towards the personal stuff.”


Hello Lover- Falling In Love:

“I liked that she managed to bring out the “hardworking” side of me and I seem to make her laugh quite often. So I figured, what the hell, I decided to ask her out. After a few outings, we felt very comfortable, and it just naturally came to a conclusion that getting together was what we wanted.”


The Proposal 

The Right Time- The Proposal Preparation: 

“She told me that she found a website that sells Moissanite rings at an affordable price. After watching too many tv shows, I took that as a strong hint. Taking things into my own hands, I decided to keep my girlfriend in the dark, and texted the number on the website she recommended. Ashley (from LeCaine Gems) replied and helped out with ALL my queries, I was completely clueless about rings and jewelries. I then met Ashley in mid Feb 2020 and collected the ring (at the) end (of) March 2020, and had planned to propose to her on her birthday in May.”


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A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,

A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,


“The movie “The Davinci Code” was my inspiration. I bought a cryptex  (inspired by the movie) online and decided to use the word “Angels” as the keyword to open it. I had to think of riddles that weren’t too difficult nor too easy to solve, and they had to be related to our interests (of course, more tilted towards hers). After a couple of weeks of thinking, I finally settled on the 3rd revision.” 

A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,

A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,

“I had the riddles printed out, prepared 1/4 cup of hot water and 2 tea bags. Waited for 10 mins for the tea to turn dark to cool down. I poured the tea in a tray, crumpled the printed riddle and soaked it in the tray for 15 mins to give it an aged look. For added effect, I waited for the paper to dry, and used a lighter to burn the sides.”


A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,
A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,

“The government decided to announce the Circuit Breaker, and I was unable to carry out my plan in May. I had to wait till social gatherings were permitted. I didn’t want to propose in public, so I decided that the proposal was to be done at my place.”

Popping The Big Question- The Proposal:

“After our dinner (after Circuit Breaker), she was in my room and noticed the cryptex on the table. (I placed it there on purpose, knowing that she would definitely question what new gadgets I bought). I told her it’s a new toy and came with a riddle. Since the surprise was already hidden under the guise of a riddle, there were none of the usual stuff like fairy lights, balloons, flowers on bed. The surprise is not how my room looks, it was the ring. Because of that, she did not suspect a thing. While she was busy spinning the last letter of the riddle on the cryptex, not noticing anything I did, I got on one knee. And when the cryptex opened, she spotted the ring looking surprised and looked at me. Already on my knee, I popped the question, “will you marry me?”. She never had a bigger smile and of course she said yes.”


Advice For Those Who Are Preparing To Propose: 

“It seems like in Singapore, couples often first apply for a BTO before popping the question. I’m one of them. To me the surprise is already gone for her, she’s going to expect you to propose. The question is, when. Or how.

For me, I prefer the surprise to be *when* she sees the ring, not the events and surroundings leading up to it. Because to me, any elaborate setup you do, like a fancy dinner, fairy lights/balloons in your place or an expensive staycation, is going to be a dead giveaway. She’s just waiting for the right moment to say yes.

For those who are planning, try to find out what your lady doesn’t like, like extreme examples you can find online. It’s much easier to find out what someone doesn’t like than what someone likes. It can be sneaking in questions or trying to get her to react when you send her videos of proposals. Don’t be too obvious. Stretch over a span of months. Give her time to forget that you asked those questions. No matter what, you have to put in some effort. Well, nothing in the world that’s worth having comes easy.” 

~ The End ~

 Mr C’s delightful and deeply meaningful proposal story has brought us great pleasure here at LeCaine Gems. We are thrilled to have been able to play a part in this significant milestone. For those of you who are preparing to propose, we hope this story inspires you and sparks your creativity. After all, proposals symbolise the mutual courageous leap of trust and faith of two lovers. A moment to be admired and celebrated. 

A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,

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A Pandemic Proposal Story - The Riddle, The Right Moment,

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