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Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Worth It? Here Are 7 Reasons Why They Are!

December 22, 2023

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Worth It? Here Are 7 Reasons Why They Are!

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect diamond engagement ring can be daunting, especially when bombarded with alarming headlines about lab-created diamonds. The traditional diamond industry, entrenched in its ways, thrives on consumer confusion, advocating for the continued use of natural diamonds. However, the era of lab-grown diamonds is firmly entrenched. Here are seven compelling reasons why you should wholeheartedly embrace them.

Lab-Created Diamonds Are Legitimately Real Diamonds:

Kaylyn Ring



The perennial question of whether lab-grown diamonds are genuine often arises. The unequivocal answer? Absolutely. Like this 1.5-carat brilliant round-cut lab-grown diamond mounted in the Kaylyn Ring, they possess chemical, physical, and optical properties identical to their naturally occurring counterparts. While natural diamonds are formed by nature, lab-grown diamonds are crafted with cutting-edge technology in scientific laboratories. 


Consider natural diamonds as the rare, organic ingredients sourced from the heart of nature, much like prized truffles unearthed from the soil. These diamonds, formed over eons, are the culinary treasures shaped by the earth's unique recipe—time, pressure, and geological magic. Just as truffles captivate with their distinct aroma and flavor, natural diamonds enchant with their individual characteristics, a testament to the earth's culinary prowess.


Now, imagine lab-created diamonds as artfully crafted dishes emerging from a cutting-edge kitchen. Like a skilled chef using molecular gastronomy, scientists manipulate carbon atoms with precision, orchestrating the creation of diamonds in a controlled environment. These lab-grown diamonds are the culinary delights born from human ingenuity, much like avant-garde dishes that surprise and delight with their innovative approach to flavor and presentation.


Technology continues to advance, with increasing numbers of companies entering the fray, offering improved processes and superior stones.

Unique Beauty of Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Lab-Grown Diamonds Noris Ring



Both types of lab-created diamonds, CVD and HPHT, dispel the myth that lab-created diamonds lack the uniqueness of their mined counterparts. Like this exquisite 1-carat lab-grown diamond mounted in the Noris Ring seen above, each lab diamond is grown individually, mirroring the distinctive characteristics of diamonds from nature. No two lab-grown diamonds are precisely alike, showcasing their personality, inclusions, and color. It's crucial to approach the purchase of lab-grown diamonds with the same scrutiny applied to natural diamonds, focusing on the 4Cs for a unique and personal choice.

Eco-Friendly Choice:

Penelope tennis bracelet


Critics argue that lab-grown diamonds are energy-intensive, but the environmental impact of diamond mining is often glossed over. Traditional diamond mining disrupts vast swathes of land, generating substantial mineral waste. Mined diamonds also have a considerable water footprint and a significant carbon footprint, dwarfing the energy consumption of lab-grown diamonds. Some labs are adopting renewable energy sources, further reducing their environmental impact. If sustainability is a priority, inquire about the practices of specific labs, such as the one that created the shimmering diamonds and sapphires found in the Penelope tennis bracelet.


Size Does Matter - Large Lab-Grown Diamonds:


Emilia Ring



The narrative that only natural diamonds can deliver substantial size is outdated. Lab-grown diamonds are rapidly advancing, with examples like the 155-carat diamond grown in disc form at Augsburg University in 2017. Lab-grown diamonds are available in various shapes and colors, small or large, like the stunning 2.07-carat E-color emerald-cut main stone mounted on the Emilia Ring. The flexibility of lab production even allows for custom-made diamonds, catering to those with a penchant for unique colors or cuts.

Affordability Without Sacrificing Luxury:

Lilith lab-grown diamond hoop earrings



While diamonds, including lab-grown ones, remain a luxury item, the cost comparison is compelling. Lab-grown diamonds can save you 40-60% compared to their natural counterparts. Initially around 20% cheaper, lab-grown diamonds have seen a rapid price decrease. This affordability allows you to indulge in larger stones or explore fancy colored diamonds that might have been out of budget with natural diamonds. Fine jewelry pieces, such as the Lilith lab-grown diamond hoop earrings, are offered at unbeatable prices, with the quality being equal to or exceeding pieces with natural diamonds, giving them unparalleled value.


A Realistic Perspective on Diamond Investments:

Lab Grown Diamond Este Ring



Whether natural or lab-grown, diamonds shouldn't be viewed as financial investments akin to rare museum-worthy items. Their value depreciates upon purchase, much like cars. Typically, reselling diamonds results in a significant loss, as companies need to make a profit when reselling. Despite their drop in pricing, lab-grown diamonds offer a more cost-effective option without the illusion of a long-term financial return. For exquisite designs, choosing an engagement ring, such as the Este ring, offers exceptional value in this perspective.


Appraisals for Lab-Grown Diamonds:

The perception that lab-grown diamonds lack value is outdated. Reputable grading labs now accept and issue certificates for lab-grown diamonds, while jewelry appraisers recognize their worth. Certificates and appraisals are crucial for insurance, ensuring your engagement ring is valued correctly and protected. You can rest assured that all lab-grown diamonds offered by LeCaine Gems have IGI (International Gemological Institute) certification.


LeCaine Gems: Inspiring Elegance and Upholding Values

engagement ring


One name stands out in fine jewelry that seamlessly blends elegance with unwavering ethical values—LeCaine Gems. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, LeCaine Gems has been a beacon of sophistication, crafting timeless pieces that transcend borders. With roots deeply embedded in Singapore and Hong Kong, the brand has become synonymous with bespoke styles narrating individual stories for every occasion.

What sets LeCaine Gems apart is its commitment to elegance and its dedication to ethical sourcing. Lab-grown diamonds, carefully assessed and handpicked by their GIA-certified gemologists, are at the heart of their offerings. LeCaine Gems embraces the brilliance and uniqueness of lab-grown diamonds, acknowledging their environmental sustainability and conflict-free nature.

The brand's advocacy for lab-grown diamonds aligns seamlessly with the changing tides of the jewelry industry. LeCaine Gems understands the importance of transparency and authenticity in the modern consumer's mind. Their commitment to utilizing lab-grown diamonds ensures that each piece not only sparkles with magnificence but also carries a story of responsible sourcing.

LeCaine Gems has carved a niche for itself with fair pricing that makes exquisite lab-grown engagement rings, tennis bracelets, earrings, and more accessible to discerning patrons. Their dedication to affordability does not compromise the superior craftsmanship that defines each creation. Every piece from LeCaine Gems is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to both beauty and values.

For those seeking more than just jewelry but an embodiment of their values and a celebration of individuality, LeCaine Gems stands as a trusted ally. Elevating the essence of elegance while championing ethical choices, LeCaine Gems is a name that resonates with those who believe in the enduring allure of fine jewelry with a conscience.

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