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Guide to Types Of Moissanite Cuts & Shank Designs for Engagement Rings

July 08, 2021

Build Your Ideal Engagement Ring: The Guide to Types Of Moissanite Cuts And Shank Designs | With LeCaine Gems

Searching for the perfect ring to pop the big question to or add to your jewellery collection? There are a few things to consider when deciding on an engagement ring design, namely your preferred cut and shape of the gemstone and the ring shank design. This guide provides you with some tips and leads on the factors to look out for when choosing a ring. 

Gemstone Cuts and Shapes:

Gemstone Cuts and Shapes

There is a wide variety of gemstone cuts and shapes available for selection. View LeCaine Gem’s Moissanite Engagement Ring selection.

For single stone engagement rings, the most classic and timeless design would be the Round Brilliant gemstone on a Solitaire setting. It is commonly referred to as the Classic setting, an engagement ring design adored and cherished by many throughout the decades. Single stone engagement rings also come in fancy cuts, namely Oval, Marquise, Emerald, Princess, Cushion, Pear and Heart shaped. These different gemstone cuts each have their unique and spectacular qualities. It is ultimately up to your preference to select the gemstone cut that you think is the perfect one for your engagement. 

You may also opt for multi-gemstone engagement rings, which are available in various styles such as the Trapezoid, Three-Stone, Double Hearts, Eternity and Stacking engagement rings which are all outstanding pieces. The Three-Stone and Heart shaped engagement rings in particular are favourites amongst many collectors of jewellery and a brilliant choice for your proposal. The Three-Stone engagement ring, also known as the trilogy ring, symbolises “past, present and future”. Its structure is elegant and stunningly gorgeous, with a centre stone perched onto the ring head with an accompanying stone on each side. The heart-shaped gemstone is a modern rising star, adored and admired for its affectionate and romantic aura, it is no wonder why many choose it as the ultimate proposal ring to pop the big question to.  

Gemstone Colour

After deciding on your ideal gemstone cut, the next step is to consider its colour and clarity. At LeCaine Gems, we carry our Moissanite gemstones exclusively in Grades D and E, the highest grades in the clarity chart. There are also a variety of coloured gemstones such as green, blue and grey which come in varying tones

Find out more about Moissanite here.

Gemstone Colour

Shank Design: 

1. Type of Metal: 18k Gold & Platinum

Shank Design

The most common shank material is Gold, which comes in 3 colours: White, Yellow and Rose Gold. Amongst the three, White and Yellow Gold emerge as the most popular choices of all time. While Rose Gold may be a newer option, it is a stylish icon increasingly favoured by many today. 


Platinum is another option available as a ring shank material. Its physical appearance resembles that of White Gold. Due to its physical composition, platinum rings tend to be heavier, more durable and slightly costlier as compared to gold rings. At the same time, it may require more care and maintenance in terms of polishing and cleaning due to scratches that inevitably surface due to regular usage.

2. Design

Moissanite Engagement Rings design

Once you’ve chosen your preferred ring shank material, it’s time to select a design. The Plain band being a timeless classic, is simple and minimalistic. Other designs such as the Pave and Channel are known for its elegance brought forth by the little gemstones on the band. Other designs such as the Tapered, Twist and Split bands exhibit unique traits. The Tapered band is known for its differing band width: thinner when it is closer to the gemstone and thicker away from it. For the Twist and Split bands, you see the convergence and interlocking of two bands.

View LeCaine Gem’s Moissanite Engagement Rings selection.

LeCaine Gems Bespoke Jewellery Experience: 

bespoke jewellery experience

At LeCaine Gems, we offer customers a bespoke jewellery experience to create their dream jewellery pieces for a myriad of occasions, including engagements, weddings, anniversary celebration, heirloom pieces and daily wear. Consultations with our designer can be arranged to discuss your ideal engagement ring design, from your preferred gemstone cut to the shank design. During which, we will also advise you on the after-sales care and services pertaining to ring resizing, engraving and polishing based on your selected design. An engagement ring symbolises and commemorates your love with your once in a lifetime. Embark on a bespoke jewellery experience with us to create an eternally special and unforgettable engagement ring. 

Read what our valued customers have said about their bespoke jewellery experience with us here. We invite you to contact us to arrange for a consultation, we are always delighted to address any queries you may have pertaining to our jewellery. Together, let us achieve your dream jewellery with you, for you. 

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