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How Melee Diamonds Affect the Quality of Your Engagement Ring

October 20, 2022

How Melee Diamonds Affect the Quality of Your Engagement Ring

Since diamonds are graded under magnification, looking high and low for the best centre stone to fit in your engagement ring doesn’t result in any apparent quality difference when someone looks at it. However, there is one small thing that many tend to overlook, which does affect the beauty of a ring, and it may not even cost extra: the other tiny diamonds embedded in the engagement ring, the ones not a lot of people pay much attention to.

These tiny diamonds accentuating the single centre stone on engagement rings are called melee diamonds. Neglecting them can undo all the effort when selecting a ring’s setting style. They can mean the difference between a beautiful diamond engagement ring that can stand the test of time and one that can’t. Therefore, here are four tips regarding melee diamonds to make your search for the perfect 1 carat diamond ring in Singapore easier.

1. Choose the right quality for the melee 

It’s not uncommon for many to obsess over the fine details on the GIA diamond grading report before finally settling on the quality of their centre stone. This level of meticulosity should also extend to the rest of the diamonds in your diamond engagement ring, making sure they are complementary despite having a smaller carat weight. In short, they should all have a matching colour grade.

Readily available diamond engagement ring mountings may have accent stones whose quality differs from your chosen centre stone. As such, make sure to ask if these smaller diamonds in the setting will match the clarity and colour of the centre diamond. 

2. Evaluate the cut quality 

Well-cut diamonds dance and sparkle in the light, which is why the quality of the cut is just as paramount for the beauty of smaller diamonds as their larger counterparts. Some jewelers use single-cut round diamonds in pave settings, while others prefer full-cut diamonds. The difference between the two is their facet count; the former only has 16 to 18 facets, while the latter has 57 to 58. The more facets there are, the greater the sparkle.

Furthermore, be mindful of the facet patterns to ensure that the accent diamonds work to complement the centre stone. For instance, a princess-cut diamond centre stone should also come with princess-cut accent diamonds to match the shape and facet patterns.

Side diamonds and diamonds in a halo setting catch the light from different angles than your centre stone. Thus, a piece of jewelry with gorgeous accent diamonds is far brighter than one with a dazzling centre stone but with dull accent diamonds. And since poorly cut diamonds are generally proportioned to shave weight instead of maximum beauty, duller diamonds will be heavier too. Remember that diamonds are sold by weight, and since you are paying for every carat, it’s always best to go for high-quality diamonds cut for the highest light reflection. 

Evaluate the cut quality

3. Ensure the melee all matches 

Closely inspect the small-sized diamonds in the ring setting. Are the brightest and darkest ones easily noticeable? If so, that poses a problem. Well-crafted diamond rings boast small diamonds that match their colour, clarity, and even cut. Every gem needs to be of equal quality, especially for white gold diamond engagement rings where the eye can easily discern minute differences.

4. Check the setting style

It’s not uncommon for brides to notice that their beautiful engagement ring has one of its small diamonds gone missing. The wearer themselves causes a small percentage of these problems; perhaps they bumped the ring on something or got it caught on their clothes, causing the prong to get bent out of place. Most of the time, they are due to an issue in the setting born from insufficient quality control or downright sloppy craftsmanship. 

However, the top reason small diamonds detach from the setting is that they may have been bent and weakened during the sizing process. As such, refrain from buying a ring that has been sized for the best quality. To make sure that your diamond engagement ring is made in the recipient’s size and not sized to fit them, choose rings that are made to order and built from scratch.

Check the setting style

Melee Diamonds and Their Influence on the Quality of Your Engagement Ring 

Engagement rings are never complete without melee diamonds, whether they are all natural or lab-made diamonds. Since everyone wants their symbol of commitment to last a lifetime, just like their love for their partner, it’s essential to keep in mind the tips mentioned above so you can be just as proud of your accent diamonds as with the centre diamond. 

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