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How to Measure Your Ring Size

April 16, 2019

Measure Ring Size

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Now that you have decided to purchase a beautiful Moissanite ring, you will need to determine the ring size. Do you use a USA size, Europe Size or Asia Size? There are, however very slight differences to the measurement guidelines used in various countries, we won't worry about it as long as you get the inner and outer measurements correctly.

Our team of experts at LeCaine Gems has put together this ring size guide to help make your ring a perfect fit!

Using a Thread, Paper & Ruler
A simple and rather accurate way of measuring your ring size is by following these FIVE easy steps:

1) Loop a thread or string round the base of your finger.  Be sure that it is not wound too tightly and is still able to go over your knuckle

2) Use a pen or a pencil to mark the point where the ends meet

3) Use a ruler to measure the thread or the string from the end to the mark

4) The total measurement (mm) is the circumference of your finger and can easily be corresponded with our ring chart below

5) To be extra accurate, get the inner diameter of the measured finger circumference

how to measure your ring size


Measure an Existing Ring
1) Find a suitable ring that fits the intended finger properly

2) Measure the inside diameter of the ring

3) Correspond the diameter with our ring chart below
ring size measurement

Circumference:               The entire length around the outside of the ring

Diameter:                        The length from end to end inside the ring


International Ring Size Chart 

How to Measure Your Ring Size


And Don’t Forget….!
For extra assurances, here are FOUR more useful tips you should know for your perfect ring:

1) Larger is Better.  If you are still unsure of your ring size or if it falls between two sizes, always opt for the slightly larger size.  It is easier to remove gold from a ring that is too big than to add gold to a ring that is too small.


2) That Time of the Day.  All matter contract in cold and expand in the heat.  So do our fingers! As a result, measurements taken in cold temperatures will differ from one taken under the hot sun. Likewise, a measurement is taken on a cool morning maybe a wee bit smaller than one taken on a bright sunny afternoon. Besides temperature, high and low humidity can also cause our fingers to swell and shrink. 

How to Measure Your Ring Size

3) Importance of Shank Size.  Generally, rings with wide shanks will need to be slightly larger. This would allow it to fit snugly onto your finger. When the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together, special consideration will need to be taken if they are wider than 4 mm or 5 mm. Our jewellers at LeCaine Gems will be at hand to assist you with this. 

4)  The Perfect Fit.  Ideally the ring should slide in nicely on the finger, it must not become tight that it causes discomfort.  Ensure that the ring is able to slide over your knuckle but not fall off accidentally while washing your hands or working.

How to Measure Your Ring Size

I hope that you have found these tips useful on determining ring sizes and I’m sure that you will be able to find your perfect ring here at LeCaine Gems.  Our friendly and helpful consultants are just a click away should you have more questions on ring sizes or on our wide array of beautiful Moissanite rings in D color and brilliant cuts. If you are shopping for other Moissanite jewellery that needs customisation, feel free to contact us with your enquiries. Happy Shopping!


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