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6 Ways to Secretly Find Out Her Ring Size

March 03, 2019

Ring Size

After summoning up your nerves to pop the BIG question, you begin to plan your romantic proposal of a lifetime, make your candlelight dinner reservation at a Michelin Star restaurant in Sentosa or perhaps at your favourite HaiDiLao restaurant (for the avid steamboat lovers) only to realise, “Damn! I have no idea what is her ring size!” 

Worry not, we’ve got you covered on how to find out her engagement ring size without her knowing.

Borrow One of Her Rings

Ladies tend to remove their jewellery before heading for the shower. Take this opportunity to grab one of her rings, preferably one that she wears on her ring finger.  Place it on a piece of paper and trace both the inner and outer side of the ring.  Try to do this several times in order for it to be consistent.  The jeweller would usually be able to figure out her ring size from your sketch.

If you are feeling brave, borrow one of her rings from her jewel box and quickly get it measured by the jeweller.  Remember to borrow a ring that is not often used by her or you’ll end up flipping the house upside down on a “ring search mission”! That will raise some suspicions on her part and ruin the surprise.

Tie Her Up

Noooo, not in that way! If your girlfriend is a sound sleeper, get a string or dental floss and gently loop it round her finger while she’s in her deepest slumber.  Make sure it is not wound too tightly and is still able to gently move over her knuckle.  Make a note of where the string meets or simply cut it to size. You will probably need to repeat this process a few times to get it right.  If she isn’t a deep sleeper, I hear a good bottle of wine should do the trick real nicely!

Take Her Out Shopping


She’ll be pleasantly surprised by your suggestion of going to the mall for a bout of shopping. Plan it in such a way that you happen to casually walk by a jewellery shop that displays men’s rings and act like one of it catches your eye. Try it on and invite her to try on a matching pair for fun. Viola, you have her ring size. But you might end up having to buy those couple rings to successfully pull off this plan!

There are major jewellery brands along Orchard Road where you can do ring size fittings and enquire for prices at the same time. Otherwise, suburban malls in Singapore are great as well with trained sales assistants who will gladly help you find your ideal rings. If you need to be more discreet and wish to find out what engagement ring design she fancies, you can always contact a trusted online jeweler and browse the engagement ring collections at your own time.

Asking Her Subtly

On the pretext of buying a ring for your sister or mom as a gift, casually ask your girlfriend for her ring size as a reference. Do bear in mind that they should have similarly sized fingers as hers.  You could then go out and buy an inexpensive ring and let her try it on before actually giving it to the supposed recipient.  Do prepare early for an onslaught of questions should she become suspicious and try to call out your bluff!

Ask a Friend


Now, this might be a bit tricky, so tread carefully.  Ask one of her close friends or relatives to casually bring her to your favourite jeweller while they are out shopping. The friend pretends to buy a ring and encourage your girlfriend to try along for the fun of it. This “undercover friend” reports back the ring size to you.  Take note though, this person has to be extremely trustworthy and tight-lipped.  You don’t want your proposal surprise to be the town’s headline news!


Hold Her Hand, Snap a Picture

Believe it or not, this is actually one of our special skills. Estimating the ring size from a photo. You may have to explain why you are taking a picture of her hand, so instead you could casually tell her you wish to remember this special moment of holding her close and snapping it for memories' sake. Yeah, sounds a little lame and mushy but well, it beats having no solution to getting her ring size. Better yet, take a photo of her hand in full view and have the picture sent to us. It may not be a 100% guarantee that her ring size may be correct but having a hand reference gives us an indication.  And remember to do it with a poker face. It works!


Getting the correct ring size prior to popping the big question “Will You Marry Me?” will allow the dream ring to slip on effortlessly and adds to the magic of this romantic gesture.  After the YES has been said and all the kissing, hugging and cries of joy are done, if the ring isn’t a perfect fit, sizing it bigger or smaller is just a quick alteration. 

All our engagement rings can be professionally resized for a minimal fee of $30-$50. When you custom make a ring at LeCaine Gems, we guarantee that your ring would be returned to you in its pristine brilliance after our craftsmen have resized it.

To find out more about resizing and what rings cannot be resized, please read on HERE. In fact, once you have determined the ring size of your bride-to-be, we have a recommended list of ring designs that are perfect for proposals. These beautiful timeless styles come in 18K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold setting with various carat weight of your preferred gemstones. Whether it is a diamond or moissanite engagement ring, we assure you that the fire and beauty of the ring will dazzle her, giving you more confidence and less feelings of jittery on your proposal!



Do share your experience with us once you’ve found the right ring size and perfect engagement ring. 

We’ll love to hear from you!  Good Luck!




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