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7 Reasons Millennials Are Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds

January 26, 2024

7 Reasons Millennials Are Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds

With influential, forward-thinking celebrities like Meghan Markle and Emma Watson embracing sustainable alternatives to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have taken the celebrity world by storm, and millennials are quick to follow suit. A Globe and Mail article cited that the demand for mined diamonds has experienced a significant decline, mainly attributed to the heightened awareness of environmental and social responsibility among consumers in the Gen-Z and millennial generations, who are increasingly opting for lab-grown diamonds.

In this article, we delve into the seven reasons driving millennials towards choosing lab-grown diamonds and explore how these gems are helping this generation make a distinct statement.

1. Superior Quality

Lab Grown Diamond Kaylyn Ring



Lab-grown diamonds have garnered widespread acclaim for their superior quality, often surpassing natural diamonds. With high clarity, these diamonds are produced under controlled conditions using cutting-edge technologies like CVD diamond technology and HPHT methods. Unlike natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds are devoid of imperfections, offering excellent color and clarity grades, ultimately resulting in a brilliant shine.

One such example is the showcase stone in Kaylyn, a solitaire ring with a minimalist allure and a distinctive twist. Adorned with small lab-grown diamond accents on the band and a hidden halo, this 1.5-carat gem set in solid 18K white gold boasts superior quality and elegance. The gently twisted band with a unique looping design towards the main stone adds a modern touch, making Kaitlyn the perfect choice for discerning women seeking both style and substance.

2. Affordability


Lilith Lab Grown Diamonds Hoop Earrings



One of the most compelling reasons millennials prefer lab diamonds is their affordability. Lab-grown diamonds are typically 40 to 50% cheaper than mined diamonds, making them accessible to a broader customer base. This affordability factor ensures that individuals on a budget can still find a genuine gem within their financial reach.

The Lilith half-eternity pave hoop earrings adorned with everlasting lab-grown diamonds embody elegance. These lab-grown diamond earrings are available in 18K solid gold or platinum. A blend of trendiness and timeless charm, Lilith is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Opting for a pair of Lilith earrings ensures a timeless design. It offers an attractive price point, making  this pair a foolproof choice for those seeking sophistication without compromise.

3. Sustainable Alternative

Adelene Kylie Necklace with Lab Grown Diamonds in 18K Gold



As the demand for real diamonds outpaces mined diamond production, lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable alternative. Produced on demand, these diamonds are eco-friendly and have minimal impact on human life. These qualities make them a preferred choice for consumers who prioritize sustainability and seek an ethical alternative to traditional mined diamonds.

The Adelene Kylie Necklace showcases clustered lab-grown diamonds thoughtfully arranged, embodying a sustainable alternative. Its design captures a dynamic movement, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability. With brilliant round-cut diamonds of various sizes, this necklace exudes both versatility and daily elegance, aligning seamlessly with a conscious and stylish lifestyle.


4. Larger Lab Diamonds at Affordable Prices

Lab Grown Diamond Emilia Ring



Investing in larger diamonds has always been appealing, and lab-grown diamonds offer this a significant advantage. With 40–50% lower prices than their mined counterparts, lab diamonds emerge as the clear winner in the size-to-price ratio. Additionally, advancements in lab-created diamonds allow for customization in colors, shapes, and sizes, catering to the preferences of the modern buyer.

Emilia, an emerald-cut lab-grown diamond ring, evokes a vintage allure while offering a unique advantage. With a sizable stone boasting flawless cut and quality, this lab-grown diamond radiates a regal and classy aura at a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds. The exquisite long octagonal halo surrounding the 2.07-carat main stone in E-color, set in 18K white gold, enhances its sophistication and showcases the unmatched affordability and quality of lab-grown diamonds.


5. Environmental Kindness

Lab-Grown Sapphire Tennis Bracelet w/ Lab Grown Diamonds, Penelope



Lab-created diamonds gain favor among millennials for their environmentally responsible production. Unlike natural diamond mining, which involves land clearing, water usage, and ecosystem destruction, lab-grown diamonds are produced in carefully regulated lab environments, minimizing their carbon footprint. Additionally, they consume fewer resources and energy compared to their natural counterparts.

Penelope, an exquisite lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet, harmoniously alternates round brilliant lab-grown diamonds with lab-grown pink sapphires in an embrace of environmental kindness. Its captivating sparkle is derived from 23 mesmerizing lab-grown sapphires, totaling 0.69 carats, and complemented by 23 shimmering lab-grown diamonds weighing 1.02 carats. This stunning piece radiates beauty and promotes sustainability, considering the reduced environmental impact of producing the many stones required for this necklace compared to mining them.

6. Statement Jewelry

Eugenie ring



Conscious buyers seek jewelry that reflects their values, and lab-created diamonds are ideal for making a statement. With an increasing number of people opting for lab diamonds in engagement rings, customers can incorporate unique, one-of-a-kind designs. The artificial nature of lab diamonds allows for endless design possibilities, enabling individuals to express their style and commitment to sustainability.

Eugenie is a stunning statement ring featuring a princess-cut lab-grown diamond set in 18K white gold with a half-eternity pave. The addition of a dazzling lab-grown diamond pave enhances this regal design's overall sparkle and beauty, creating the perfect piece of jewelry that effortlessly makes a bold statement.

7. Rising Popularity in the Market

Ready Made | Kerra Tri-coloured Kylie Earrings with Lab Grown Diamonds in 18K Gold



The market for lab-created diamonds is experiencing significant growth globally. Factors such as regulations limiting mining activities, technological advancements in the lab diamond industry, and a growing consumer preference for diamonds manufactured by humans contribute to this upward trend. The future seems bright for lab-grown diamonds as they continue gaining prominence in the jewelry world.

The Kerra tri-colored Kylie Earrings may seem simple at first glance. Still, their intricate details set them apart, contributing to their rising popularity. The twirl-like halo surrounding the lab-grown diamond showcases three colors in 18K yellow, rose, and white gold, incorporating an intriguing texture with smaller lab-grown diamonds on the sides. This exceptional design caters to modern tastes, making these earrings a sought-after choice for those looking to stand out.

In conclusion, the shift towards lab-grown diamonds among millennials is driven by a combination of quality, affordability, sustainability, and the opportunity for unique self-expression. As this trend continues to rise, lab-created diamonds are poised to become an even more prominent player in the diamond industry.

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Emerald cut diamond


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