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All You Need to Know about Sapphire | with LeCaine Gems

December 21, 2021

All You Need to Know about Sapphire | with LeCaine Gems

The Sapphire is a precious gemstone recognised for its enthralling appearance and impressive qualities. Hauntingly beautiful and adored by generations, the sapphire gemstone is often woven into fine jewelry to create timeless classic pieces. Owing its value to its rarity and splendour, it is no wonder why many covet sapphire jewelry to commemorate special occasions, with the Sapphire Engagement Ring being an all-time favourite piece.

Sapphires are found in several regions across the world, with Sri Lanka being a famous destination known to be home to natural gemstones which are captivatingly beautiful and of superior quality. Along with the blue sapphire, many other rare precious gemstones such as the ruby, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, garnet, star corundum and chrysoberyl, can also be found in Sri Lanka. Here at LeCaine Gems, our Natural sapphires are sourced from Sri Lanka. In addition, we produce Lab Grown sapphires of high quality, possessing similar characteristics to natural Sri Lankan sapphires. Being conflict-free and environmentally sustainable, our natural and lab grown sapphires leave an indelible impression on those who set eyes upon them. 

How are Sapphires created?

The natural sapphire is formed by naturally occurring processes in the earth’s crust and retrieved through mining. With natural sapphires being rare and highly sought-after, synthetic sapphires otherwise known as lab grown sapphires have gained traction for their beauty and qualities alike the natural sapphire. Created using technology that replicates the formation process of the natural sapphire, lab grown sapphires possess similar chemical qualities but may differ slightly in terms of their physical appearance.

A glimpse of LeCaine Gems’ Royal Blue Lab Grown Sapphire Engagement Ring.

What makes this precious gemstone so special?

The desirability of this utterly iconic gemstone only intensifies with time, as fondness of its captivatingly brilliant qualities grows. Its exceptionality is derived from its durability, clarity, colour and cut, deeming it truly one of a kind. 

Hardness & Durability

Composed of corundum (aluminium oxide), the sapphire scores 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones after the diamond, which scores 10/10. This connotes its extreme durability and low likelihood to be scratched or cracked under pressure. Being a highly resilient gemstone, it is ideal as an engagement ring stone and is certainly suitable for daily wear. In addition, sapphires retain their lustre and brilliance without turning cloudy or dull over time. As such, this precious gemstone is known to behold an everlasting shine and sparkle.

Perceived as a Diamond Alternative

Sapphires tend to command lower prices as compared to the diamond. This translates to the ability to acquire a sapphire of larger carat size at a lower price in comparison to the diamond, the gemstone’s affordability making it a popular diamond alternative. In addition, lab grown sapphires are a conflict-free and sustainable option, a compelling characteristic that has successfully gained the favour of many.

Here at LeCaine Gems’, we deliver ethically sourced Natural Sapphires and sustainably created Lab Grown Sapphires at reasonable pricings. Discover our exquisite gemstone collection here.

Clarity, Colour & Cut

Clarity: It is widely known that many natural sapphires contain detectable but minor inclusions which are developed during the stone’s formation process. Inclusions alter the clarity and colour of the gemstone, thereby impacting its overall appearance. This essentially makes every natural sapphire unique. In general, sapphires with fewer and less visible inclusions tend to be preferred. On the other hand, lab grown sapphires present a more standardised and flawless appearance due to the controllable factors in a lab environment. When creating the gemstone, specific quantities of heat and chemical compounds are applied to replicate the natural stone formation process while inflicting fewer to no inclusions.

Colour: A sapphire’s colour saturation constitutes a key determinant of its price and value. Blue sapphires are the most prominent and highly sought after. Ranging from light to dark shades, sapphires that fall within the medium to medium-dark categories are preferred. These sapphires tend to possess a vivid and intense shade of blue and also generate a greater value. One example would be the “Royal Blue” sapphire, which is commonly associated with a rich and deep shade of blue. In addition, blue sapphires may also contain hints of violet, purple and green hues, where velvet-blue and violet-blue sapphires are known to derive higher demand and value.  

Aside from blue, sapphires are also available in a variety of colours such as orange, green, and pink, which are commonly referred to as “fancy colours”. Likewise, these non-blue coloured sapphires range between light to dark shades, with secondary hues present in some. In particular, the pink sapphire emerges as a popular and valuable choice after the blue sapphire. Be it encapsulating a generous amount of pure, deep shade of pink or containing traces of secondary hues, pink sapphires are beyond splendid and magnificent.

With that said, a sapphire remains spectacular in every colour. It ultimately depends on your personal preference and requirements when selecting your ideal shade of sapphire.

Featuring LeCaine Gems’ Daphne Ring, composed of mesmerizing pink and blue sapphires.

Cut: A sapphire’s cut affects its sparkle and colour. Sapphires possess a refractive index of 1.76-1.77, enabling it to exhibit a brilliant sparkle. Naturally, a gemstone’s sparkle is affected by its facet which determines its light reflection. Sapphires with a symmetrical cut flaunt a mesmerising glow viewed at various angles. Cut also implicate the gemstone’s colour, therefore, custom cuts are used on natural sapphires to maximise its inherent colour. Stones with a darker tone tend to be cut less deeply to allow more light to penetrate and brighten the stone, while those with a lighter tone are cut slightly deeper in order to accentuate its colour. You can obtain sapphires in the classic round brilliant, or in fancy cuts such as cushion, pear and emerald. 

What is the difference between a Treated and Non-treated Sapphire?

A treated sapphire refers to when the gemstone has undergone specific processes that enhance and improve the stone quality in terms of its appearance and durability. Most natural sapphires undergo heat treatment, a technique which entails heating the gemstone at significantly high temperatures so as to enrich its colour and clarity. In doing so, it improves the stone’s overall appearance, enabling it to adopt a more transparent and vibrant outlook. As mentioned previously, most natural sapphires intrinsically contain inclusions. Heat treatment seeks to magnify the stone’s natural appearance by minimising these blemishes while enhancing its colour without compromising the quality.

Given that heat treatment is an extremely common practice, non-treated sapphires bearing all-natural and sophisticated qualities are incredibly rare and valuable. Unsurprisingly, they fetch significantly higher prices due to the lack of replaceability.

LeCaine’s collection of exquisite Sapphires

The sapphire gemstone illuminates an irresistible allure, channeled from its enchanting beauty and outstanding characteristics. Being of remarkable and everlasting quality, the sapphire certainly exemplifies the traits of an extraordinary heirloom piece capable of withstanding the test of time. Here at LeCaine Gems, we offer customers a wide selection of fine jewelry pieces crafted from excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. Our coloured gemstone collection comprises conflict-free Natural and Lab Grown sapphire gemstones in blue, pink and orange. Each sapphire gemstone is of top-quality and possesses characteristics akin to other rare precious gemstones such as the Padparadscha Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, White Sapphire, Ruby, Green Emerald and Tanzanite. Our magnificent stones are set with 18k Rose, Yellow and White Gold and Platinum, to create luxurious and exquisite fine jewellery pieces. Rest assured, all gemstones are verified by an authenticity certificate and guaranteed by LeCaine Gems.


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